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Christmas Cakes & Gift Towers

Our award winning, handcrafted Christmas cakes are superior in ingredients, presentation, and of course, taste.  Following a generations-old recipe using the finest all-natural fruit, port and fresh New Zealand butter and eggs, we slow bake our cakes in small batches to preserve moisture and natural flavour.

Our artisan Christmas cakes are hand glazed using exclusively imported French glace cherries and select grade Californian natural almonds.  Each of our Christmas cakes is wrapped in a beautiful gift tin, included at no additional cost. Or try our new CrackerCake in a stunning gift box, fabulous for your Christmas dinner table.

Gift Towers cater for all tastes. They are the perfect Christmas gift because they can be enjoyed by an individual or shared by the whole family.  Choose from a selection of cakes, shortbread, Christmas mince pies and sweet treats.

NZ$24.00 - NZ$78.00
NZ$49.00 - NZ$92.00